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AK (AYITI KONEKTE) is a Haitian-based online social media and social networking service. It is one of the leading international social network in the world. AK allows users to message each other, listen to music, to create groups, public pages etc...

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What we Offer

Why You Choose Us

100% Haitian Social Network!

We are the only social network realized by Haitian for Haitians! Everything we do is to promote Haiti, culture, and Haitian people.


You have the ability to share unlimited pictures with your Followers, family and everyone else within your circle.


Create your fan page to share your business, music, art work and anything else you wish!

24/7 Support

Feel free to contact us at your convenience

Powerfull Insights

Ayiti konekte Connects you with the latest news, music, and events from around the world. Listen to our radio station or sign up to get connected


"Konekte" means connect in the Haitian Kreyol language. AK's vision is to connect Haiti with the world while connecting the world with Haiti. Join to connect with us today!






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Customer Care Center

Port-au-Prince, Ouest Department, Haiti

509 40 27 3838

[email protected]

Head Office

Colorado Springs, CO, United States

865 3822876


[email protected]

Radio AK Naples, FL Studio

Naples, FL, United States

860 319 3331


[email protected]

Radio AK Jacksonville, FL Studio

Jacksonville, FL, United States

929 272 9762

[email protected]

Radio AK Haiti Studio

Port-de-Paix, Nord-Ouest Department, Haiti

[email protected]

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